Friday, January 25, 2008

A Dedication

This blog is dedicated to the memory of Alan Edwards.

Thanks for the Moments Alan, they were the reason for me picking up a camera in the first place, an action that allowed me to see the world with new eyes.


Monday, November 26, 2007


The final shot on this blog.

Almost exactly a year ago, I started posting photographs on this site, with the notion of providing a photographic diary of my life. To be honest, it feels to me to be a little limited in it's scope of locations, mainly because most shots were taken going to or coming from work. Alas, I'm not yet a man of leisure............... Also, towards the end, some motifs begin to repeat themselves a bit, but I hope the variety of the shots taken has been such that I've kept a few of you amused.

The links have been fixed to allow easier access to the blog. You can select a specific location tag, or a seasonal tag (summer, winter, spring, autumn) from the sidebar. You can also scroll back through the blog from this page or select the oldest shot (27th November 06) from the blog archive and shuffle through them chronologically. So there!

I'll continue to tidy up some of the scruffy loose ends, file down the sharp edges etc as well as adding little pieces of annotation to some of the photos, so keep an eye on yr bloglines/aggregators for updates. Or just pop in every now and then. I have a notion for a new blog, but it'll be a project for the new year and I haven't fully formed the idea yet. Keep an eye on my main blog here for further info.

I'd like to thank Let's Kill Saturday Night and Lism for linking to me and popping in every so often with kind words. Thankyou both.

Szelsofa for being my most frequent visitor and providing me with her unique perspective on life, keeping me on my toes with regard to the locations and subjects of my shots and generally giving me encouragement to continue this lunatic undertaking.

Finally, to my lurkers (there must be a few) Speak now or forever haud yir wheesht!

I'd really like to say hello to some of you...........

Ok, all out for 365. Not a bad innings...................

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